Are Remote Online Notary Services Legal and Valid Across the Nation?

Many people during the wake of COVID 19 has a concern, whether the remote online notary public services are legal and valid or not. The answer to this query is YES. However, this depends on the following two conditions:

  • Whether the recipient of your document is ready to take the e-signed document online or not.
  • What do the provincial laws state concerning electronic signature?

Electronic signatures and digital notarizations by Notary Public are now being permitted across Canada. Various certified Notary Publics are serving the country in delivering this innovative service, right from the comfort of your home.

Is it secure to go for remote online notary public Calgary services?

Undoubtedly. Online notary services by all leading notary publics are highly secure owing to their robust security and identity verification protocols. This ensures a high level of security to the recipient of your document, confirming that the e-signed document is as authentic as a real wet document signed with a pen.

Notary Public make it possible with 

  • an encrypted signature seal, 
  • end-to-end digital document history and assessment path, and 
  • statement of authenticity

Who is using remote online notary service?

At the current pandemic situation, the maximum number of Canadians are accepting online remote notary services by Notary Public Edmonton. The reasons to avail these services are

  • Efficiency 
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Practicality
  • Highly convenience
  • Safety
  • Security 
  • Comforts

Contact only licensed Notary Public to get remote online notarizing services. They have the expertise to deliver 100% safe services along with expert customer care services. 

When booking an appointment, the Notary Publicwill ask all clients to confirm they have checked the recipient of their document will accept an e-signed copy. This verification checkpoint is the mode of starting e-signatures. There are still some people who are unaware of remote online notary services. It is totally new and sometimes uncertain service for many Canadians.

Hope, now you have a clear idea of this new concept during this COVID-19 pandemic.