Awesome Facts About Australia

Did you know that Australia is not just a country, but a continent? You probably didn’t and that’s fine. It is one of a hundred of cool facts that you didn’t know about Australia. This large, vast country has a range of things about it that make it cool, awesome and stunning in every way. So to convince you just how awesome Australia is, we have a whole of the coolest and most awesome facts about the country: 

  • Australia was originally a British penal colony, a settlement to exile prisoners from the rest of the population. 
  • Australia Day is on the 26th of January; the day that the British arrived on the country. 
  • There are 24 million people living in Australia. But a 150 million sheep. Yeah, you read that right. 
  • The capital of Australia is Canberra – a small city nestled between Sydney and Melbourne. How did this happen? Because Melbourne and Sydney could not agree on which city should be the capital of Australia, it was decided that neither of them should be, and so a new capital called Canberra would be built in the middle. 
  • Australians love other nationalities – almost a quarter of their residents were born abroad! Every year more and more people come to visit, work and live in Australia. If that is something you are interested in, contact the best immigration agents in Melbourne for help. 
  • Coffee is the lifeforce of Australia. Between Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, there are ore cafés per capita than any other cities in the world!
  • Scientifically the greatest invention in Australia is the ultrasound. 
  • In terms of food, nothing gets over Vegemite. Or BBQ with prawns. 
  • Bob Hawke set a world record in 1954 for downing 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds. 29 years later he became the Prime Minister of Australia.
  • Australia is so vast that you can spend a day on the beach on one side of the country, and then spend a day in the forest just off it. That is not to mention the desert in between it all. 
  • The wildlife in Australia is so different to everywhere in the world that these animals can’t live elsewhere around the planet. 
  • Australians love beer. Love it. 

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