Legal Rights and Privileges of a Single Parent

Family law is a specialized area of the civil law that deals specifically with domestic relations and family matters. The word family itself is usually interpreted to mean a set of persons living under one roof. It is thus assumed that every family has a set of members who live together for the benefit of all the members. In reality, however, the term family actually means a group of people who have close relationships with each other. In legal terms, the members of a family are referred to as its members.

Civil unions are the most common form of family law marriage. These are actually recognized by the governments in many countries around the world. A civil union is a contract that is entered into by two willing married partners who wish to become husband and wife.

Unlike a traditional marriage, a civil union does not need a license to be registered. It also does not need the approval or validation of any authority. It can last for as long as the partners want it to, or until the requirements of the country where the marriage is performed are fulfilled. In the United States, a marriage requires the consent of both partners and sometimes of their parents and is considered to be valid only if it is registered. Children of two married parents are automatically regarded as legitimate children of their mother’s husband or wife, regardless of the sex of the child.

Civil unions are adjudicated on the basis of the marital relationship established between the partners. They are thus civil unions without any sexual intimacy, which makes them different from a romantic relationship. However, they do recognise and respect the rights of both parties to enjoy the financial, social and emotional benefits that accompany marriage. Separated families can enjoy financial support through alimony and child custody agreements, although these are usually limited in nature. The child support system is administered by the court system in the country where the parents or guardians of the separated children have ordinarily residence.

Similarly, the Family Law cases that deal with adoption generally involve a compromise involving the interests of all the parties concerned. Adoptions involve the granting of a right to a child or children from a previous marriage to an individual or couple. Adoption parties include the birth mother and/or father, guardians or parents, adoptees, grandparents, foster parents, non-identifying relatives and all those who had a part in helping the adopted child grow up. Adoption law requires the submission of an application and the receipt of written agreement by the adopting party and the other. The family law attorneys assist the interested parties in completing the application forms and assisting them in obtaining the relevant legal documents.

Separated families have a unique set of circumstances that call for special family law solicitors. These solicitors have to deal with the legal issues arising out of any of the following: prenuptial agreements, spousal abuse, economic incidents, child custody and visitation rights. Prenuptial agreements are legally binding contracts entered into by married couples before they get married. Spousal abuse refers to physical abuse that may have occurred in a marriage. Child custody is the right of one parent to care for the child born out of a broken relationship. Economic incidents refer to any event that has caused detrimental financial losses for both the parties involved in a divorce proceeding.

An essential function of the family law is to protect the interests of the minor children of a marriage that have been subjected to divorce or separation. In many cases, the minor children are represented by a special family law attorney who has expertise in such matters. Custody and visitation rights of the child or children may be determined by the court based on the circumstances of the case and the welfare of the child in question. The Family Law attorneys for both the parties to assist in the resolution of divorce cases and the drafting of child custody agreements.

The above mentioned are some of the many legal rights and privileges enjoyed by a member of a family as defined by the Family Law. Every citizen is protected under the legal rights provided by Family Law. However, Family Law attorneys do not represent one party in a legal matter nor do they advise on legal matters. Rather, they assist the client in attaining the legal rights enjoyed by him/her. In cases of divorce, where no agreement is reached and neither the plaintiff nor the defendant can agree upon a settlement, the services of a Family Law Attorney would prove invaluable.

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